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Belt layer for sidewall and tread of rolling process

Industrial cushion cloth

Special protection category ACF military civilian tent category

Special industrial fabric

Polyester cotton, pure cotton, colored special category

Drive belt cloth

Nylon polypropylene polyester

Industrial filter cloth

Including luggage fabrics, military fabrics, etc.

Civilian consumer fabric

corporate vision

Corporate vision

This is a vision house visualized according to the management philosophy, and based on the customers and society mentioned earlier, we will strive to

Why is it called Jiushan?

There is a term in Buddhism called Nine Mountains Zen Gate. Beginning with the rise of the Seon Buddhist movement in Korea, the temples of Nine Mountains also began the reform movement (that was during the Silla period). Since then, Jiushan Zen has the significance of reform in the hearts of the public: "When Buddhism has difficulties, or evokes a new Zhongxing, return to our original intention and think again". So, since then, whenever there has been reform and improvement, it will be carried out centered on the Nine Mountains Zen Sect.
The founder of Jiushan found inspiration through the Jiushan reform movement and named the company Jiushan. That is, the idea of always seeking change with a new consciousness.

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